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Now you can go to the bank without ever leaving your office

Capital Bank's Lonely Teller™ is a compact, intelligent scanner that conveniently sits on a desk in your office.

More than 100 Capital Bank customers use it day or night to quickly and easily scan and directly deposit checks to a Capital Bank checking account.

Improve cash flow and accounting efficiencies

Lonely Teller™ electronic check processing runs on secure, Internet browser based software:

  • Bank 24/7, whenever you want.
  • Speedily and reliably deposits your check receipts -- get next business day availability of your funds when checks are scanned by 5pm Monday through Friday.
  • The Lonely Teller™ scans both sides of the checks you deposit, retaining an image you can access at any time.
  • You control who in your business has access to the Lonely Teller™ scanner.
  •  Save staff time by eliminating trips to the Bank to make deposits.
  • Easily export your Lonely Teller™ transactions to Quickbooks.
  • View deposit activity through Lonely Teller™ via Capital Express online banking.

The Lonely Teller™ is safe

To block outside hacking and snooping, the Lonely Teller™ is protected by a powerful encryption and server authentication protocol that provides the highest level of e-commerce security available.  Lonely Teller - Why Is It Safe?

The Lonely Teller™ is cost-effective, business banking convenience for the 21st Century

Capital Bank is a leader in providing remote deposit services. Enjoy more banking convenience for less time and money spent.  Join other Capital Bank satisfied customers who use the Lonely Teller™ service. Read our  Lonely Teller Testimonials

For more information and to set up your Lonely Teller™ service, please call Nikhil Bijlani at 301-468-8848.


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