Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I need my password reset or cannot access the Online Banking or Lonely Teller systems?

  • Please contact our Operations Department at our main number, 301-468-8848 and our courteous and helpful  staff will assist you with the required access information needed.   Don't forget to ask us about all the other helpful features  our Online Banking and Lonely Teller systems offer to make account access and navigation simpler and easier! 
  • You can also use the "Forgot Password/PIN" option once you have entered your Acess ID to reset your password, or select a new one.   

What are your hours of operation?

  • Please click Locations to view the open hours for each of our branches.
  • The Bank's Capital Express Service offers you 24/7 access to your account information over a secure Internet connection, and the Bank's Lonely Teller service (ability to deposit checks remotely via scanner or mobile device) offers qualified business account customers the ability to scan and deposit check receipts 24/7.  You may receive next day credit for Lonely Teller deposits as long as those scanned deposits are made prior to 5pm. EST, Monday through Friday.

Do you have ATM's?  Do the Bank's ATM's accept deposits?

  • The Bank has three ATMs at its Church Street Branch, Executive Blvd. Market Center and at its Eye Street Branch (see Locations for each branch's operating hours).
  • The ATMs are cash dispensers and do not accept deposits.  You can however transfer funds between your accounts at an ATM and do balance inquiries.
  • The Bank is a member of the InterCept Switch Network which allows our customers to have options for withdrawing funds, surcharge-free, anytime through the convenience of over 5,100 ATMs in 45 states and U.S. territoriesClich here to view the complete list of ATMs. 
  • The Bank offers its Check Card holders an ATM fee reimbursement for cash withdrawals made at other banks' ATM's.  Please Contact Us to learn more about this program.

How can customers make deposits with your limited branch presence?

  • In order to meet our customers' needs and overcome our limited branch presence, Capital Bank offers its Lonely Teller service.  The Bank offers a compact, intelligent scanner that conveniently sits on a desk in your office. More than 200 Capital Bank business customers use it day or night to quickly and easily scan anddirectly deposit checks into a Capital Bank checking or savings account. It is very convenient and easy to use.   Standard reports are available for viewing and can be exported to virtually any Accounts Receivables (A/R) system for the purpose of automating the entry of customer payment information. You receive next day availability for deposits processed through Capital Bank's Lonely Teller scanner.  Please Contact Us today to get started.  We have staff dedicated to this service to help you get started quickly and reliably. 
  • In addition to offering remote scanning for checks, the Bank also offers Mobile Deposit Capture for it's customers.  Please contact us to find out more about this exciting product that allows check deposits to be made anytime and from anywhere. 

What makes Capital Bank's commercial loan services different from other banks' similar products?

  • The basic loan product is the same, however the real difference is in how Capital Bank's professional team of lenders listens to your needs and then tailors the structure of the loan or line of credit to fit your particular business's needs.  We will provide a partner's perspective to enable your business to succeed.  A partner listens to you, and provides additional expertise to your specialty; what Capital Bank provides is not a commodity, it is a level of service unusual in today's world.

If I have a question or problem with my checking account, my debit card, or another banking service I have with Capital Bank, how do I contact the right person for help?

  • You can Contact Us us at our main number of 301-468-8848.  Our courteous and helpful reception staff (yes, REAL people answer our phones!) to direct your call.   You can also email your question to  Please be careful though about sending your confidential personal and account information over the Internet in an email.  Email is insecure until it reaches the Bank.

Does Capital Bank offer a full range of online banking services?

  • Yes, Capital Bank offers its online services to both individuals and businesses through Capital Express.  Capital Express access is secure with a very high level of security and unique log on routines to assure that only authorized persons can access account information online.   Individuals can sign up to access account information and pay bills, all free of charge.  A business owner can also obtain Capital Express and authorize others within the business to perform only certain authorized tasks.  A business can submit automatic employee payroll files or other payments using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) routines and can send wire transfers in addition to other capabilities.  You can download your account monthly statements to Quickbooks as well

Does the Bank offer night drop depository services?

  • The Bank has night drop depository services at two of its locations.  The Executive Boulevard Branch and the Eye Street Branch (see Locations for each branch's address and driving directions).

Where can I find out about career opportunities?

  • Please click our Careers page to view current employment opportunities at Capital Bank.

Who do I call if I lose my check card?

  • Please contact our cardholder services center at 800-500-1044 to report a lost or stolen check card.  If you need a new card reissued to you, please contact our Operations Department at our main number, 301-468-8848

Does the Bank offer residential mortgage banking services?

  • Yes, Capital Bank has an established residential mortgage-banking division, Church Street Mortgage. Loan originations are primarily developed through partnerships with mortgage loan brokers. The primary lending territory includes the Greater Washington Metro area. Please contact us at 240-283-1913 to learn more about our products, rates and services or visit our home loan site at to get more information.   

Does the Bank offer secured credit card services?

  • Yes, Capital Bank now offers secured credit card services.  The Bank has established a secured credit card program to help you build your credit history; the Open Sky Secured VISA® Credit Card.  It is a true credit card issued under the VISA® trademark.  The application process is quick and easy.  Visit our credit card site at for more information and to get started with an application.













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