Treasury Services

Lonely Teller

  • Make Check Deposits from your office
  • Next Business Day Availability for scanned deposits
  • Lonely Teller 2.0 comes in two versions. Click Here to view a comparison.
  • Online Access
  • QuickBooks Compatible

Capital Express

  • Click here to see the Business Capital Express-Online Banking demo
  • Free Online Bill Payments
  • Conduct all of your banking via your own computer
  • Free with all Checking Accounts
  • Download account activity information into Quicken products
  • Receive your monthly statements and check images online instead of on paper

Positive Pay

  • Inexpensive way to reduce losses due to check and ACH debit fraud
  • Early detection of check fraud prevents larger fraud situations
  • Works in conjunction with Business Capital Express
  • Customer reviews image of exception items for pay/return decisions

Capital Images Archive

  • Image archive tool provides monthly CD-ROM of account activity
    • Checks written
    • Checks deposited
    • Monthly Statement
  • Powerful search and query functions to streamline research
  • Password protected for enhanced security

Overnight Sweep

  • Repurchase Agreement
    • Attached to Primary Commercial Checking Account
    • Collateralized with Government Securities
  • Zero Balance Accounts
    • Concentrate and centrally manage funds
    • Control and easily track disbursements

Payroll Services

  • Click here to see the Payroll Services demo
  • Online pay stub and W-2 access
  • Federal, state and local tax filing
  • Paycards for unbanked employees

Merchant Services

  • Accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express
  • Competitive Rates
  • Funds deposited directly to your account

ACH Service

  • Use for Direct Deposit Payroll or other routine payments
  • Easy to set up and manage payments
  • Send and Receive through Capital Express Online Banking

Wire Transfers

  • Domestic and International
  • Business Customers may use Capital Express to send and track wires
  • Set up templates to make recurring wires quick, accurate and easy

Night Drop

  • Easy access to make cash deposits
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    Protect your account from a "takeover". Click here Prevent an Account Takeover.

    Learn more about our Lonely Teller 2.0 product.  Please contact a Capital Bank representative for more details.