Top Emerging Cities For Families in 2023

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Today, buying a home that meets your family’s needs can be difficult. Between the competitive real estate market and location concerns, you may find yourself stuck in a rental, just waiting for something to pop up. You’re not alone, countless adults are feeling like their dreams of becoming homeowners are out of reach. But you don’t have to feel that way anymore. We have compiled a list of cities that were once hidden gems but, due to more available housing and other benefits, they are estimated to be the next top-rated places for families to live.

Rockville, Maryland

If you’re looking for a safe city to raise your family, Rockville might be the place for you. This Washington DC suburb sports notably low crime rates and a friendly, diverse culture, making it one of the best places to live in Maryland. It is also known for its incredible school system and highly educated population. Being 14 miles away from the country’s capital, Rockville is home to many young professionals and government officials who enjoy the pleasant commute to DC.

Charming shops and restaurants, as well as a seasonal ice rink, create a fun, amiable atmosphere in the Rockville Town Square. And though it boasts a lot of modern architecture, this city contains several fascinating historical landmarks, including the Beall-Dawson House and the Glenview Mansion. You and your family will never lack for things to do, especially when you have access to a wide range of parks, athletic facilities, and nature exhibits.

Most people In Rockville own their homes and you could too. Give your children the opportunity to live in a safe city with access to many educational and occupational opportunities. Speak to one of our experienced loan officers today about buying a house in Rockville and giving your family a better life.

Annapolis, Maryland

Possibly one of Maryland’s most underrated cities is its very own capital, Annapolis. Like Rockville, it is a wonderful place for families, with excellent schools and a high percentage of home ownership. However, Annapolis is an important Naval city located on the Chesapeake Bay, which greatly shapes the city’s culture. Families and young professionals find Annapolis to be the perfect place to live with its mixed suburban atmosphere and rich history.

Annapolis is home to the world-famous U.S. Naval Academy, one of the oldest military schools. This attraction holds centuries-worth of historical artifacts and a deep sense of pride for Annapolis citizens; hence why many residents are active in the military themselves. In addition to the powerful culture, the city features an impressive blend of scenery, from the massive ships filling the harbor to the diverse, historically preserved architecture. What was once the U.S. capital is truly a sight to behold.

Annapolis has many recreational areas, coffee shops, and restaurants for your family to enjoy, along with what is said to be the best seafood in the country. And if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place to raise your family, the South River Manor/ Bon Haven neighborhood might be the ideal place for you. Buying a home in Annapolis would provide your family with a balance of culture and educational opportunities that is hard to find elsewhere.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is no longer just a retirement town. Recent years have shown that young professionals and families have begun seeing the beauty in its below-average living expenses and balmy climate. The city has shifted to cater more towards these younger individuals, with a great school system, family-friendly entertainment, and an exciting night life.

Famous for its theme parks, Orlando is home to more than a dozen, including Disney World and Universal Studios. Families come from all around the country to visit these hot spots, and you could have them on your daily commute. But if you’re looking for a peaceful neighborhood that you can raise your family in, never fear; there are many quiet neighborhoods that will separate you from the hustle-bustle of the massive tourist attractions. In Winter Gardens, you and your family can enjoy relaxing biking trails, parks, and wonderful neighbors. Additionally, you can have access to the city’s famous golfing greens and more than a hundred lakes, on which you can rent boats and cool off from the warm weather.

In Orlando, the fun never stops. But what really has it creeping up on the list for the best cities to live is its low cost of living and booming economy. Your dream family vacation can easily become your home year-round, contact us about buying a home in Orlando.

Arlington, Virginia

In Arlington, you can find amazing schools and a low crime rate, making it an attractive pick for those looking to buy a home. This Washington DC neighbor is also the second wealthiest county in Virginia, with incredible employment opportunities and a high employment rate. But that doesn’t mean that those with lower budgets are in trouble, Arlington has price brackets that suit everyone’s needs.

The Pentagon (the U.S. Department of Defense), Arlington National Cemetery (the resting place for members of the armed forces dating clear back to the Civil War), and more amazing landmarks are located in Arlington, bringing in tourists from all over the world. Due to the close proximity to DC, your family can learn about the history of the United States in a more hands-on manner and maybe even see some politicians. Arlington offers its residents a variety of pleasant recreational areas that your whole family will enjoy, including walking trails, parks, mini golf, and a water park.

Recently, Arlington has been recognized as the best place to live in America, and understandably so. Buying a house in Arlington will give your family access to educational and employment opportunities, as well as lively cultural experiences.


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