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The funds you need to manage and grow your business through seasonal and economic changes, and banking solutions that keep you in your office– even when it’s a coffee shop.

Industries We Serve

Commercial Real Estate

Capital Bank has vast experience in structuring real estate financing that aligns with unique business requirements. Our team is among the most talented in the industry and provides solutions for real estate acquisition, development, and construction, as well as the purchase and refinance of owner-occupied commercial or investment properties. Our streamlined process can help get your project off the ground and to a successful completion — without delay or high cost.

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General Industries

Capital Bank understands cash flow and inventory headaches, and the concerns of an unpredictable market. No matter your industry or your size, our seasoned team will dive deep into your business and complexities, and identify financial solutions that can help streamline your operations to help create long-term growth.

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Government Contracting

Capital Bank understands the nuances of government contracting, from the crunch of cash flow management to new contract bids, and takes a hands-on approach to help alleviate the financial demands of contractors. Together, we can create a proactive plan that can help you get the capital you need to meet the demands of your operation or business.

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Health Services

Capital Bank employs a holistic approach — and the full complement of our resources — to structure solutions that help retirement facilities, urgent care centers and medical practices, deliver the highest quality of care, while navigating the ever-changing maze of legislation. Our service platform includes equipment financing, owner-occupied commercial real estate refinancing or purchase, and a breadth of Treasury Management tools that help maximize your cash flow.

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The hospitality industry can be as rewarding as it is demanding — be it a hotel, restaurant, or leisure operator. Capital Bank has solutions that can fit in to your business growth plans whether it is a refinance, remodel, or expansion.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations are in the business of helping people. So is Capital Bank. We take great pride in helping Nonprofit Organizations continue to do their important work. With a deep understanding of your mission, we can design a solution that answers all your needs — with Treasury and cash management solutions, and loans or Lines of Credit to help drive your mission forward.

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Professional Services

Market trends, regulatory issues, ever-growing competition — Capital Bank recognizes the challenges and opportunities faced by professional services businesses. We can help expedite your business goals at any stage of your development such as with acquisition or owner-occupied real estate loans, to help in evaluating the right cash management solutions. We help make your business more valuable.

Frequently Used Business Products & Solutions