Your dedicated Business Banker will provide an analysis with a personalized account plan that demonstrates real money savings from the earnings credits generated when applied to the banking solutions you need to help manage your cash flow. Together, you’ll implement the plan to minimize the hassle of migration, allowing you to realize savings sooner.

Get real saving from credits earned on monthly average balances to offset the cost of banking services and transaction fees.

  • Earnings credit grow as balances grow
  • Earnings credits are calculated on the combined average balances across all your Capital Bank non-interest-bearing business accounts
  • Comprehensive monthly statement details transaction activity, including fees and credits for transparency in billing 

Checking that helps you better manage cash inflows and outflows — while still saving.

  • Mobile Deposit – deposit checks from your mobile device or smartphone
  • Online Banking – pay bills, make deposits, transfer funds between accounts, anytime
  • Positive Pay and ACH fraud alerts– protect against losses and liability due to check and ACH debit fraud
  • Remote Deposit – scan checks and make deposits from your office; reports integrated with popular accounting software

A connected Zero Balance Account (ZBA) easily tracks and controls disbursements without tying up unused cash.

  • Best suited for disbursement accounts, such as payroll accounts
  • Centralized accounting sub-accounts can be automatically funded by main account
  • Easily manage disbursements without hassle of manually moving money, increasing amount of usable cash in business operating account
  • Enhances security, reconciliations and analysis

Current earnings credit rates based on the following tiered balances, calculated across all non-interest bearing Capital Bank business accounts.

Business Analysis Accounts

Tier 1          Under $100,000
Tier 2          $100,000 to $249,999
Tier 3          $250,000 to $1,000,000
Tier 4          Over $1,000,000