Instantly protect your corporate debit cards with the help of CardValet®. No matter where you are, you can have peace of mind knowing your cards are safe. Your corporate cards, on your terms.

CardValet® is an app on your phone that helps protect the debit cards in your wallet. This solution is ideal for companies who want to make it easier to manage their company card expenses. Turn your company’s cards “on” or “off” anytime to take control of your cards. When they’re “off” no one can use them. Just turn them “on” when you’re ready.

Safeguard your company’s cards without needing to call a branch.

Real-time alerts to keep your cards secure.

  • Define areas where cards can be used
  • Limit purchases by the type of merchant
  • Set spending limits per transaction OR month
  • Enable purchases for specific transactions only (i.e. gas)

Maintain control of company business spending

  • Monitor employee expenses easily
  • Real-time alerts ensure cards are only being used by your employees
  • Change settings instantly with the touch of a button
  • View all recent transactions from your company cards

To get set up, all you need to do is download the app CardValet® on your Android or IPhone device.

For more information on how CardValet® can help manage corporate accounts, reach out to your business banker or watch this short tutorial on our Online Resource Center here.