Navigate intuitively to all of your banking needs from within the same application with no change to your current settings and existing templates.

Business Online Mobile Banking – Everyday access to address your online banking needs

Simply Deposit Mobile
For businesses with high volume deposits, cash management and complex reporting needs

Stay on top of your working capital. A home page that gives you an at-a-glance overview of all of your accounts.

  • Transactions with required approvals, such as transfers and wires, are presented
  • Unread account alerts show up as reminders to stay on top of key items
  • Accounts are grouped together by category with easily accessible transaction details
  • Customizable home screen with multi-bank reporting to display accounts at other institutions

Payments & Transfers directly accessible from within the platform.  A single location for your ACH, wires, payroll and bill pay.

  • Set-up wire templates with point and click ease; add new templates and conveniently reuse previously set up templates
  • View outgoing and incoming transactions, including all approvals
  • Move money between your Capital Bank accounts, even make or schedule loan payments
  • Review recent ACH activity, create new batches, add templates that simplify the import process, preview incoming transactions and manage employee access

No extra fee to access your information.  Access 18 months statement history, research transactions, even balances.

  • Export your reporting and transactions to popular accounting software and in to common file types
  • Pull statements across your Capital Bank accounts within your specified date range
  • Research transactions, even balance information
  • Bring in your account information at other financial institutions together with multi-bank reporting and see your business’s entire financial picture in one place

Real-time alerts. Monitor your deposits, balance levels or withdrawals, and more and receive the alerts, by text* or email.

  • Balance– know when your account goes above or below a set threshold
  • Transactions– see when a deposit or debit is posted
  • Transfers– be alerted when transfers post
  • Loans – get alerts when your loan payment is due and when your payments post
  • Security– be alerted if someone tries to access your Online Banking

Mobile Banking* – when you’re on the go, stay in the know.  

  • Manage your money from your smartphone or tablet
  • Approve ACH, Wires and Bill Payments via your mobile device
  • Easily transfer funds to, from Capital Bank accounts, and between accounts
  • Make payments via Bill Pay
  • Set up and view real-time account and access related alerts

Card Controls safeguard your debit card from fraud and protect your debit card at a touch of a button.   

  • Define areas where your card can be used
  • Limit purchase by the type of merchant
  • Set up limits on the dollar amount you can spend per transaction
  • Report cards lost or stolen
  • Turn card on or off – when it’s on, your card works like normal but when it’s off, no one can use the card

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*Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider.