A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) offers an efficient, automated means of cash flow control. It’s best suited for disbursement accounts, such as payroll accounts, and makes for easy disbursements and more efficient reconciliations and analysis.

Consolidate funds into a single ZBA — for easy disbursements.

  • Automatically funded by the main operating account, it only uses the cash it needs
  • Eliminates hassle of manually moving money, increasing amount of usable cash in operating account
  • Credits main operating account only with funds necessary to clear debits
  • Vendors can post ACH* debits to your account

Easily control and track disbursements.

  • Disbursements made from ZBA aid in control of funds location
  • Separate monthly statements for each account with record of all incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Enhances security and reconciliations and analysis
  • Establish dollar limits on each incoming debit by authorized vendor

*Automated Clearing House