To Our Valued Clients and Shareholders,

In light of the media attention surrounding the failures of Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) and Signature Bank, I want to take a moment to separate the facts from the rumors that have been circulating. First and foremost, Capital Bank and banking as a whole remains extremely safe and sound.

To that end, I would like to reinforce a few key points:

  • We are well capitalized. That is the highest possible classification assigned by the regulators and they consider a bank to be “well-capitalized” when its Risk Based Capital (RBC) ratio is at least 10.0%. Our RBC is at 14.21%, as we manage our business with a considerable amount of surplus capital.
  • We have a diversified deposit base made up of local businesses, individuals, board members and our own shareholders spread across many industries with no significant concentrations. Unlike other regional banks and “The Big 5”, our largest shareholders have entrusted the bank with significant deposits.
  • We have zero securities that are classified as “held to maturity”; therefore, the current value of all our bonds is fully reflected on our balance sheet. Said differently, all of our customers and shareholders have complete visibility into our investment portfolio.
  • Our commercial bank focuses primarily on lending to local businesses. And while we pride ourselves as being tech savvy, we don’t extend credit to risky start-up tech companies. We have zero exposure to anything crypto, zero coins, zero exchanges, and definitely zero monkey NFTs. Zero.
  • We, like almost every bank, big and small, own bonds. But those bonds represent a small fraction of our balance sheet, roughly 11% (SVB was over 50%). Our portfolio of bonds is well balanced by design. This reduces our risk when interest rates rise, and it permits us the flexibility to stay nimble in uncertain times.
  • Today, and 364 other days of the year, we are here to support you and your business needs. And if you want to chat about deposits, we are ready to talk. If you have concerns about your balances in excess of the FDIC insured limit, we have some smart tools from our vendors that allow you to ensure that all of your deposits are FDIC insured.

Let us know how we can be helpful. If you have questions about your accounts or other relationships, we’re here to assist you. Our teams are standing by.



Ed Barry, CEO



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