Thanks to Direct Connect, you can now access QuickBooks® and Quicken without having to log in through your business banking account — plus you get the added advantage of automatic downloads, reconciliation, and more.

Directly connect to QuickBooks and Quicken.

  • Download transactions and balances
  • Pay bills online
  • Transfer funds between eligible accounts
  • View all finances on one page
  • Utilize personal financial management tools offered by both programs

Enter and reconcile data more quickly and easily.

  • No manual data entry – once set up, download your transactions into QuickBooks or Quicken
  • Automatically reconcile data – complete transaction and balance information makes categorization and account reconciliation easy
  • No duplicate transactions – a special transaction-matching algorithm prevents the download of duplicate transactions
  • Easier to use – take advantage of Quicken’s One Step Update feature, which instantly connects Quicken to Capital Bank to download transactions and balances, and schedule payments